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Here I am posting some Useful and Important Links for Bhojpuri Information.
it comprise Bhojpuri Songs, Bhojpuri Film Review, Bhojpuri Music, Bhojpuri Video, Bhojpuri Lok Geet, Bhojpuri Album, Bhojpuri Industry, Bhojpuri Download, and Bhojpuri Actors & Actress Interview. i.e. Manoj Tiwari (Mridul), Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahu), Ravi Kisan,Guddu Rangila, Pawan Singh, Kalpana, Shweta, Amar Tripathi, Nagma, Chhotu Chaliya, Sharda Sinha, Sachin, Madan Rai, Pankaj Sinha, Munna Singh, Shailendra Singh, Rinku Singh, Shakira,

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jeans dhila kara (Pawan Singh)

Humra Hau Chahi - Guddu Rangila

Pandit Jee Bataai Na Biah Kab Hoi

Misir Ji (Nirahua Rikshawwala)

Gamchha Bichhai Ke (Sasura Bada Paisawla)

Morabba Bhail Biya (Ganga Jaisan Maai Hamar)

Important Bhojpuri Links

Here I am posting some Useful and Important Links for Bhojpuri Information.
it comprise Bhojpuri Songs, Bhojpuri Film Review, Bhojpuri Music, Bhojpuri Video, Bhojpuri Lok Geet, Bhojpuri Album, Bhojpuri Industry, Bhojpuri Download, and Bhojpuri Actors & Actress Interview. i.e. Manoj Tiwari (Mridul), Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahu), Ravi Kisan,Guddu Rangila, Pawan Singh, Kalpana, Shweta, Amar Tripathi, Nagma, Chhotu Chaliya, Sharda Sinha, Sachin, Madan Rai, Pankaj Sinha, Munna Singh, Shailendra Singh, Rinku Singh, Shakira,

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The places I love lie in ruins. I am scared and very angryA leading Bollywood actress demands

My city of Mumbai has a reputation as a glittering, zestful, buzzing Mecca of the East, a cauldron of diverse cultures and nationalities. This tragedy has outraged every one of us living here. Some events in the life of a city, and country, change the future.

A group of brainwashed fanatics stormed into buildings that characterise the cosmopolitan nature of our city. It has left the whole of Mumbai paralysed and insecure. As I write, we don't know when we leave home in the morning whether we will return alive. What kind of existence is this?

There are images that will haunt us forever - mutilated bodies, bloody streets and lobbies, frantic relatives, splintered glass, billowing smoke and heart-wrenching cries punctuated by gunfire and grenade blasts.

With the fires raging at the Taj Mahal hotel, the eerie silence at the Oberoi and the deafening sound of shots from Nariman House - it seems as if we must be watching a Hollywood film. But this horror is real. The sister of one of my closest friends was attending a wedding at the Taj. She sent a text message to her husband at 6am on Thursday morning, after the first night of fighting. By 3pm that day, he had lost contact with her.

These places have been a part of my life in the seven-and-a-half years that I have lived here. I have taken my nine-year-old daughter to eat at the Leopold cafe where the gunmen first opened fire. The magnificent Taj is where I celebrated New Year's Eve with my husband three years ago. Its Wasabi restaurant, which has stunning views overlooking the Gateway of India, was where I was planning to throw him a surprise birthday party next week. The cosmopolitan heart of this city is destroyed and the hurt is going to go on for a long, long time.

Mumbai is traumatised. I want to ask how much more we are expected to take in the name of religious separatism and hatred. I want to ask our leaders: how long are you going to put us in the line of fire? How long are you going to sacrifice innocent lives? Why are the voices, so loud when asking for our votes, silent now?

Our resilience and spirit are wearing thin. We have to do something before any more terror is perpetrated. Where is the political to fight this? From the wreckage, all I have are some elementary questions.

What were the intelligence agencies doing? Where were the coastguards? Why did radar, meant to intercept vessels, not pick anything up? How could no one know that these terrorists had arrived? Why did it take our commandos so long to get involved?

Our anti-terrorist officers fought valiantly and died - and we mourn for them - but our police are not equipped; their weapons are obsolete.

So what are we paying our taxes for? And why was this band of fanatics able to walk in, take our city hostage and turn it into the site of a massacre? Every second month there is a bomb blast; how much more blood has to be shed for the authorities to wake up and defend our precious country?

People in Mumbai are asking whether we should continue to visit hotels and malls. Some even wonder if we should undergo some sort of self-imposed house arrest. That would be ridiculous, but we do need to learn from the US and UK how to draw up effective anti-terror plans.

Soon we will hear the rhetoric from our leaders. That is easy for them to produce. Facing down the enemy is something else.

India is going to have to wake up. We don't want to talk about resilience any more, we have had enough. I am not condemning my beloved country; I would simply like some answers.

a real story of Maninee Misra .....!!!!

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Global girl: The Ash effect

Bipasha Basu had once said that if there’s a face that’s associated with the Indian film industry internationally, it’s Ash. She was the bride who overcame the West’s prejudice, the mistress who had the spice...

She’s got five international films under her belt and more offers coming her way. She’s a regular at international film festivals. She’s the only Indian actress to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and have Hollywood A-list actors such as Will Smith wanting to act with her – yes, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the global face of Indian cinema.

The first international film that Aishwarya did was Bride And Prejudice, in 2003-04. Gurinder Chadha and her husband Paul Mayeda Berges made the movie. When we asked Paul why they cast Ash as the lead, he said, “Aishwarya is an actor first and foremost because she wants to play roles which will challenge her and enable her to grow by showing new complexities. Of course, she’s a star because she is someone who has an extra quality, an ability to light up in front of the camera in a way that is unexplainable. And she fit in perfectly in Lalita’s character.”

Ash’s second international movie was again with the husband-wife duo. And the Mistress Of Spices again found Ash in a lead role. “Everyone knows about Ash’s beauty, but where she shines in Mistress... is in her character’s inner beauty. She wanted to play the role of Tilo as simple and non-glamourous because that is who Tilo is a character that only thinks about others, never herself. I was immensely impressed that Ash understood that right away and really got inside the character,” Paul explains his choice again, adding, “Ash’s very instinctive, she knows what’s right for her character and yet she’s completely open to trying out new things. In Mistress... she has a great chemistry with Dylan McDermott, who is a fantastic American actor (The Practice). Their romance is very nuanced and emotional; it’s on a deeper, more human level than most commercial films. In a romance, what isn’t said is what’s fascinating and Ash is fantastic at expressing her feelings in silence.”

In the meantime, from 2002 Aishwarya’s international fame started building up. A special screening of Devdas was held at the Cannes Film Festival – Ash’s first year at the film festival (She was a jury member at Cannes in 2003 and since then, has been a regular there). Around the same time, she got a place at Madame Tussauds’. “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a global face and it was our pleasure to have a wax figure of hers at Madame Tussauds,” said Ben Lovett, official spokesperson Madame Tussauds. She was also invited to Oprah Winfrey’s chat show, a part of the Women Across The Globe series and Oprah made Ash teach her how to tie a saree. “We just had three minutes to get ready and it was like a rush hour for the both of us. But when we saw each other in the green room, we both screamed and hugged each other. It was as if we had met after a long time. She is a very warm person and she makes you feel like a family member when you are with her. I loved making her wear a saree,” Ash was to later remember her first meeting with the talk show queen.

In 2007, Jagmohan Mundhra’s Provoked got Aishwarya critical acclaim from around the world. “She was just perfect for the role of Kiranjeet in my movie,” said Mundhra. For Ash, “It was a challenge to act in this movie. I but let myself sink into Kiranjeet’s character and feel the way she felt for so many years,” said Ash.

Producer Pritish Nandy feels that Aishwarya has a lot more potential than what people have seen so far. “Ash has a lot of potential and yes, appeal. However, I still feel that there is more to explore there and I hope that Ash takes diverse roles that exploit her talent completely. She needs to do an out and out comedy.” In 2007, The Last Legion hit the theatres. However, the movie did not do well at the Box Office. But back home in india, the actress did an impressive job – Dhoom 2, Guru, Jodhaa Akbar and Sarkar Raj gave her a clear edge. Here’s Bipasha Basu’s argument as to why Ash is the true global face of Indian cinema, “Aishwarya took six years to make a mark in Hollywood and today she has done Pink Panther. I praise her for the amount of hard work, dedication and patience she has shown. She is the true global face of India.”

And finally, here’s Aishwarya, “Pink Panther was fun! It was a wonderful experience and the cast and crew were great people to work with. The genre of the film is quite enjoyable. And the best part of the story is that it fit my schedule perfectly well,” said Ash, also defending her what critics have called, “two-bit role” in the film. “I haven’t seen Pink Panther 2 but I loved doing the film. It’s a fun film and very obviously it’s an ensemble film. All actors in the film are talented and we have not kept tabs on the screen time and camera presence each of us have. It is, of course, a Steve Martin film.”

Would you call Aishwarya Rai Bachchan a truly global movie star? Why?

Amar Victor

Govt likely to slash petrol prices by Rs 10/ltr and LPG by 20/cyl

India is likely to cut fuel prices later on Friday as the cost of crude oil has plummeted by more than $100 in recent months, oil ministry sources said.

The government may slash petrol price by Rs 10 a litre, diesel by Rs 2 per litre and domestic LPG by Rs 20 per cylinder in line with fall in global oil prices.

For the first time in three years, state-run Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum are selling petrol at a profit of Rs 14.89 a litre and diesel at Rs 3.03 per litre.

But they continue to lose Rs 17.26 on sale of every litre of kerosene through public distribution system (PDS) and Rs 148.32 per 14.2-kg domestic LPG cylinder.

"The Congress-led coalition is keen on rolling back the Rs 10 a litre hike in petrol, Rs 3 per litre increase in diesel and Rs 50 per cylinder hike in LPG prices announced in June. As oil firms continue to make losses on LPG, some of the margins on petrol may be used to bring down the cooking fuel price," the source said.

Polling in Jammu & Kashmir -- one of the six states that went to elections -- would end on December 24. "When even Election Commission thought it appropriate to announce results of the elections in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram (on December 8) without waiting for polling in J&K, the government, too, is inclined to cut fuel prices," he said.

State-run oil firms have seen margins turning into positive zone from November 1, but the government did not want to revise prices as the Model Code of Conduct for elections was in place that bars it from making any announcement that could be seen as appeasing voters.

The price of petrol, which is currently sold for 50.6 rupees ($1.02) a litre in Delhi, is likely to be cut by 10 per cent, while diesel, for which consumers are charged 35.86 rupees a litre, is likely to be lowered by 2 rupees, the sources said.

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बाहुबली के किरदार में रवि किशन

रवि किशन के एगो डॉयलॉग भोजपुरिया दर्शकन के बीच में खासा लोकप्रिय रहल बाटे - "जिन्दगी झंड बा, फिर भी घमंड बा..." लेकिन एह डॉयलॉग के जन्मदाता रवि किशन के सुर अब बदलल नजर आव ता. जी हाँ, भोजपुरी फिल्मन के सुपर स्टार रवि किशन अपना आये वाला फिल्म हम बाहुबली में एगो नया डॉयलॉग बोलत नजर अइहें - "इटली में पोप, आ बिहार में मंटू गोप".
लगभग 75 गो भोजपुरी फिल्मन में नायिका का संगे खेत-खलिहान में ठुमका लगवला का बाद रवि किशन पहिला बेर एगो बाहुबली के भूमिका में बाडे, जवन कि अपना जुबान से कम, आ आँखि से ढेर बात करेला.

रवि अपना नया भूमिका से काफी उत्साहित देखाई देहुअन. "हम बाहुबली में हमार किरदार मंटू गोप नांव के एगो बाहुबली विधायक के बा, जेकर अपना क्षेत्र में राज चलेला, आ ओकरा मर्जी के बगैर कवनो परिंदा भी ओहिजा पर ना मार सकेला," रवि किशन कहुअन.

"फिल्म के कहानी पढला के बाद हमरा लागल कि ई फिल्म भोजपुरिया समाज के झकझोर के ध दी. एह फिल्म ना सिर्फ लोगन के वर्तमान सामाजिक आ राजनीतिक माहौल से परिचित कराई, बल्कि इ समाज के दिशा आ दशा का ओर भी सोचे खातिर लोगन के मजबूर करी."
"एह फिल्म के निर्देशक अनिल अजिताभ जी हमरा किरदार पर बहुत मेहनत कइले बाडे, आ हमरा पूरा विश्वास बा कि एह फिल्म में लोगन के हमार एगो नया किरदार दिखाई दी... एह फिल्म के संवाद में भोजपुरिया बाहुबलियन के झलक साफ दिखाई दी...," रवि कहुअन.

महिन्द्रा एण्ड महिन्द्रा ग्रुप के कंपनी मुंबई मंत्रा द्वारा बनावल जा रहल एह फिल्म में रवि किशन के अलावा दिनेशलाल यादव निरहुआ, अमर उपाध्याय, रिंकू घोष, मोनालिसा, शक्ति सिंह, विष्णु शर्मा आ सोनल झा के मुख्य भूमिका बाटे. फिल्म के गीत लिखले बाडे विनय बिहारी, आ ओकरा के अपना मधुर संगीत से सजवले बाडे धनंजय मिश्रा. एह फिल्म के प्रस्तुतकर्ता अभय सिन्हा के यशी फिल्म्स हवे.

Now Jackie Shroff to act in Bhojpuri Film 'Ham Hayee Khalnayak'

Almost two decades ago, Jackie Shroff played a major role in Sanjay Dutt starrer "Khalnayak", which he plans to repeat in a Bhojpuri film "Ham Hayee Khalnayak".
In his first ever Bhojpuri Film, Jackie will be seen with Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari, Gaurav Ghai, Monalisa, Swati Verma & Prakash Jais. The film is being produced by Uday Shankar.

According to Uday Shankar, Jackie is playing the role of a retired Army Officer in this movie. But, Uday refuses to disclose, if Jackie is playing the role of a villain or not. He says - "Jaggu Dada is in playing a major role in our movie, but it would be too early to disclose more details about his role".

"No, this is not a remake of Khalnayak. In fact, this is a film based on totally new story, and will leave a nice message in the mind of the audience," says K.D., the director of the film, whose last three films (Nirahua Rikshawala, Sreeman Driver babu, & Munna Bajrangi) had great box office collections.

India gold buyers eye more falls

India's domestic gold buying slowed as well-stocked traders awaited a further decline in prices, dealers and traders said.

"The physical offtake has slowed since last two days," said a dealer with a state-run bank in Mumbai.

"We have many buy orders at $750 (an ounce) levels," he added.

Dealers and traders said domestic demand had started coming in ever since prices breached $800 an ounce overseas, but expectations of a further downtrend in prices kept buyers at bay.

Overseas gold fell more than 1 percent on Wednesday, defying a rebound in oil prices, after the U.S. dollar bounced against the euro and speculators in Japan shifted some of their money back to stocks.

"We could see sustained demand if we witness around $750-760 (an ounce) levels," said Harshad Ajmera, proprietor of JJ Gold House, a large Kolkata-based bullion trader.

India imports most of its gold. Domestic gold prices usually follow the international trend.

आतंकियों से निपटने में 60 घंटे से ज्यादा लगना शर्मनाकः गिल

अस्सी के दशक में पंजाब से आतंकवाद का सफाया करने वाले पंजाब के पूर्व डीजीपी केपीएस गिल ने कह
ा है कि यह शर्म की बात है कि चंद आतंकवादियों से निपटने में सुरक्षाबलों को 60 घंटे से ज्यादा लग गए। उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि सुरक्षाबलों की रणनीति कमजोर थी और इस पर ठीक ढंग से अमल भी नहीं किया गया। हालांकि उन्होंने यह स्वीकार किया कि ताज होटल में लोगों की मौजूदगी की वजह से सुरक्षाबलों को अपने काम को अंजाम देने में समय लगा होगा।

गिल ने केंद्र सरकार को भी आड़े हाथों लेते हुए कहा कि जब खुफिया एजंसियों को हमले की भनक थी तो जल्द पुख्ता कार्रवाई क्यों नहीं की गई। उन्होंने कहा, 'खुफिया एजंसियों ने जब गृह मंत्रालय को चेताया था तो सूचना मिलते ही पुख्ता इंतजामात किए जाने चाहिए थे। पिछले कुछ अर्से से देश पर लगातार आतंकवादी हमले हो रहे हैं लिहाजा ऐसी लापरवाही नाकाबिले बर्दाश्त है।' गिल ने कहा, मुंबई पर पहले भी हमले हो चुके हैं लिहाजा सुरक्षा व्यवस्था चाक चौबंद होनी चाहिए थी। ताज के बाहर 10 सिपाही भी तैनात होते तो आतंकवादी इतनी आसानी से उसके भीतर दाखिल नहीं हो सकते थे।'

इस हमले के बाद राजनेताओं द्वारा की जा रही बयानबाजी से क्षुब्ध इस पूर्व डीजीपी ने कहा, 'राजनीतिक दल सिर्फ अपना स्वार्थ सिद्ध करने में लगे हैं। हर बार आतंकवादी हमले के बाद सख्ती से निपटने के लंबे चौड़े भाषण दिए जाते हैं, लेकिन नतीजा सिफर। ठोस कदम उठाने का बूता दिखाना जरूरी है।' उन्होंने मीडिया और आम जनता को भी आतंकवाद के सफाए के लिए आगे आने को कहा।

गिल ने यह भी कहा कि अभी भी उनकी बाजुओं में आतंकवादियों का सामना करने का दम है और अगर उन्हें इस संबंध में कोई जिम्मेदारी सौंपी जाती है तो वह तुरंत स्वीकार कर लेंगे।

Big B set for second Bhojpuri film

Amitabh Bachchan changed the face of Bhojpuri cinema by agreeing to act in Ganga, a film made by his make up man. Now the Big B is all set to do his second film in Bhojpuri Gangotri.

Sex Bulletin

Shape up for sex

Striking out at the nightclub? Join a running club. When it comes to choosing a man, women with athletic builds are less superficial than those with curvaceous figures, say Polish scientists. After a detailed survey, they determined that the broader a woman's hips were relative to her waist, the more importance she placed on a man's looks. "Curvier women have more oestrogen and a greater maternal urge to find a partner who looks like he'll produce strong babies and provide for a family," says the study author, Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski, PhD.

Scent science

Pass on the horse-drawn carriage ride. Stinky air makes you less attractive, say Northwest University scientists. Women exposed to a faint foul odour rated faces as less likeable than they did when in fresh air. Turns out, when women detect a stench, they associate it with the face of the person they're with. The good news: a waft of citrus spikes likeability. So spritz on a fruit-laced cologne.

Best sex in minutes

Those who talk of being capable of long and hard sex are probably lying. The best sex lasts a few minutes and not hours, says a Penn State University survey in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In fact, what most people describe as satisfactory sex usually lasts anywhere between three and 13 minutes. The survey group described 3-7 minutes of the act (from penetration until ejaculation) as adequate, 7-13 minutes as desirable, 1-2 minutes as too short and 10-30 minutes as too long.

SIGNS (Understand the chemistry)

Iron deficiency

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts had men and women perform two sets of 25 arm curls. They found that women experience more symptoms of muscle damage immediately after lifting weights. This inhibits muscle growth, which is one reason men have an easier time bulking up.

Blues clues

Norwegian scientists have found that men don't become depressed as a result of low levels of serotonin. When the researchers temporarily turned off serotonin production in healthy adults, they found that women became depressed but men became impulsive.

Percentage who were physically aroused:

Fellatio: 63%
Doggy style: 42%
Back-door entrance: 38%
Manual stimulation: 29%
Cunnilingus: 17%

Find out her secrets

Women dismiss the idea of some bedroom antics, but then there's also the X-rated reality. A Wayne State study notes that when women watched these sex acts (see right), their brains said "nah" but their bodies said "whoa!"
Fact of life 19 - percentage of Indians who wished they had sex more often.

Source: Durex 2005 Global Sex Survey


Can we change this face of our country ???....Is there any solution in your mind ??? please post you coments on it.

Priyanka Chopra view's for Dostana

What do you think of the music of DOSTANA…?

I think the music of Dostana is extremely apt for the film. It's a film base in Miami, its fun, its young, it's vibrant and the music of Dostana is exactly that. Every song is a geminate zone and each song tells the story which is the best thing about the music of this film.

Which is your favorite track?

My favorite track would be 'Desi Girl' and then it would be 'Jaane Kyun'. Yah, these are my two favorite tracks otherwise like I can go on.

What made you decide to do this film?

I think the first thing that made me decide to do this film was that it was not a conventional love story. It's not just a triangle between these two boys and one girl. It was like a pyaar mein twist which was really nice; I mean it's basically about friendship. It's a really fresh film and the fact that the boys are playing the gay love interest. I think the whole aspect and the story is put together was something that told me that I had to do this film.

What do you look for in the script before you sign any movie?

I think the first thing I look before signing the film is that I would go watch the film as an audience. And with Dostana I knew I would be totally interested in seeing it.

Can you tell us something about the character you play…?

My character's name is Neha and she is a fashion editor of a fashion magazine. She is a confident girl of today's time who loves her friend till death. Does everything with them, they all are together all the time and eventually whatever happens in their lives changes her life forever.

Who has done your styling in the movie? How was it working with him/her?

In terms of clothes, the styling is done by Manish Malhotra and its great working with Manish. I think the look of Neha is totally my style which is understated and subtle and yet formal and young. And I think that is what Manish brought out very beautifully.

What was it like working with Dharma production?

I think Dharma spoils you for any production. They treat you so well, they pamper you and they take care of you. And when you go out and work with someone else you are like Oh man!! I want to work with Dharma. So it was great working with everybody at Dharma. I think Karan is a fantastic producer. I think the entire team of Dharma in terms of production and direction just put so much in this film just makes you completely feel at home.

What was it like working with debutant director Tarun Mansukhani?

When I saw Tarun for the first time I was like what he is going to make the film? Then he started spending time with me and I knew that there wasn't anybody better than Tarun to do this film. He knew this film like the back of his hand probably because he has written it. But if I had any question he had the answer for it which is what made me realize that Tarun was so sure about his product and that shows in the film.

How was it working with Abhishek after BLUFFMASTER?

It was great working with Abhishek. He is always been a fantastic co star. He has got incredible energy on set. He is constantly bouncing and I think it was ideal for his character in the film. He plays Sam and Sam is exactly Abhishek. They are so made for each other and Abhishek is fantastic in the movie and it was fabulous working with him.

How was it working with John?

John I worked in the film called Karam and working with him in Dostana…he is a sweetest member in the team of Dostana I think or at least he pretended it to be. He is extremely naughty and at the same time very cordial, very well behaved, always punctual and always on time. He is so fresh in this movie; I mean he had such a great approach towards his character Kunal. And the way Tarun had written it I think he had written it with John in mind which is why they were so synonyms with each other on the sets. You don't really see them as two different people and I think this is one of the John's best films in terms of the way he has looked, performed and everything.

The film is about friendship, what role does friendship play in your personal life?

I think friendship is extremely important in anybody's life. You eventually live for love and love doesn't just mean loving your spouse, your boyfriend, family or your mom. I think your friends play an integral part in shaping the kind of personality you are. They are the people whom you laugh with and who let you cry at the same time. And I think that is why friends are for in Dostana which will show you exactly that.

This is a Dharma film production distributed by YRF, its coming together of two big production houses, what do you have to say about it?

I think the combination of YRF and Dharma is ideal. They are the biggest in the Hindi film industry and coming together would be great for the film. I have great admiration for both production companies and I think they will take the film exactly where it should be positioned.

Your shoot experience in Miami and other locations…

Miami was one of my best experiences. I had so much fun in Miami that when I came back I felt I had just finished my summer vacations. I didn't feel like I was working. I think it was just a vibe in the entire crew. Everybody was so much fun and we did everything together. I think just being able to connect with everybody at a deeper level was really nice. And Miami was truly like a summer vacation.

Any memorable incident during the shoot of the film…

I think the one thing I come out of Dostana, especially the Miami schedule would be that we all for apt would be in gym together. If you enter the gym you would see the entire crew of Dostana in the gym. And it was like everybody was possessed to work out, to look great. I think it was very nice that the crew was coming together besides the sets and that's something I really remember.

How do you think the audience will react to the comical gay theme in this film?

I think the first and for most it's the gay theme done in this film, is done very sensitively. It's not made out to be caricatures at all which the first great thing about the film Dostana is. The fact that it's really a funny film because this girl which is my character believes these two guys who are gay and she loves them, they are best friends. In the whole duration they are just pretending.

You have worn a golden swim suit in the film, what was your reaction when you first saw it?

When I saw this swim suit first I knew that I had to wear. Manish brought a lot of options of swimming costumes and when I saw the gold one I just knew that that was it.

Your look in Dostana is much talked about, was there any fitness regime you had to go through to get this look?

I was already on the training of my film Fashion. So I was already under going a lot of gyming. I wasn't dieting because I work out and I can eat. I love my food. We did a lot of training during Fashion and that pulled over in Dostana because I wanted a correct form in both these films. Well, in Dostana we were in Miami and I had a trainer from Miami itself who was extremely tough on me and should make sure that o go to the gym every single day and that is the only thing I really focused on training and not dieting to loose weight.

It's been a busy year for you, so what's next?

Wow!! I think Dostana is the end of this year for me and I am hoping it with the bang. It's a great film and it's something I am very excited about. I think I will take a break for the couple of months. After this it would be Vishal Bharadwaj's 'Kaminey' and Ashutosh Gowariker's 'What's Your Raashee'.

How would you best describe your co stars?

I think the best way of describing my co stars is that they are made for each other couple and they prove that on the set of the movie. They got along with each other more than anybody else. They became great friends and the chemistry between the two of them and me really shows.

Any messages for your fans?

All I would like to tell the people who are watching this is that Dostana is a fantastic movie. Its something that when you go in there you are feeling like that you don't really want to think too much but when you come out you will feel that you really want to watch it again. Go watch Dostana you will definitely like it.

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